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A review of ‘Better Days’ EP by Afrobeats star Candy Bleakz |

On ‘Better Days’ EP, Candy Bleakz spreads positivity and hope through enjoyable Afrobeats exploration that embraces the diversity of the talent that abounds in Nigerian music.

Candy Bleakz has always had a personal approach to music. Whether it be sharing the struggles that shape her reality, embracing her talents shaped by the streets, and showcasing her faith through the sonic peculiarities of White Garment church. She combines these realities on an EP which showcases a notable growth in her artistry, especially when compared to her last attempt.


Candy Bleakz begins her message of hope in ‘Debe’ where she turns her pains to the melody while seamlessly combining with Bloody Civilian whose soulful pop melodies add emotions to the track.

She mirrors Asake‘s neo-fuji flows on the chest-thumping record ‘Para’ where like Afrobeat deity Fela Kuti, she compares her music to the universal acceptance of water (water no get enemy).

She offers the quintessential street pop record on the jolly party starting ‘No Worry’ where the log drum, lyrics, and structure fit into Tik Tok’s modus operandi.

Candy Bleakz has consistently flaunted her faith as a member of the Celestial denomination. The log drum-driven ‘Celepiano’ is a nod to the influence of white garment music on her artistry as she again makes a single that will find an eager audience among innercity listeners with a formidable presence on TikTok (Trench-Tok).

The impressive manner in which Candy’s voice accommodates Bloody Civilian is one of the manifestations of her evolution into a star capable of making music that fits the mainstream sensibility of different listeners.


While Candy embraces a more refined Pop approach, the EP is still driven by log drums and lamba-driven flows like in ‘Blessing’ where she molds bars steeped in inner-city lingo. While the lyricism, flows and upbeat production make ‘Blessing’ street leaning, the backup vocals add a refining touch that offers the subtlety needed for mainstream consumption.

Her familiar lyrics and flow scheme on the party-starting single ‘Party after Party’ are elevated by DTG’s well-laid verse. Similarly, Simi’s tender melodies, interpolation of Jesse King‘s classic record ‘Mummy’, and the Highlife chords add sonic variety to Candy’s tribute to her mother on ‘Wale’.

Having had a long and trying journey to success, Candy Bleakz is seeing better days, and this newfound vigor, hope, and confidence is palpable on the EP that offers what many mainstream consumers will consider her most digestible attempt yet. Rating: /10

Album Sequencing: 1.4/2


Songwriting, Themes, and Delivery: 1.4/2

Production: 1.4/2

Enjoyability and Satisfaction: 1.3/2

Execution: 1.5/2


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