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A Night of Vybz with D’Incredible DJ: Sponsored by Murphy Ben International

This star-studded affair featured top celebrities and renowned artists, including Mr. Real, Sunkkeysnoop, Santeri, G2amani, and Bkay!, who came together to support the event.

Additionally, a lineup of top DJs, such as; DJ Champ, DJ Dammyfresh, DJ Xzee, DJ Hiri7, DJ Maskqueen, and DJ Lexzy Jay, ensured the party never stopped.

Sponsored by Murphy Ben International, Verivault RAYKAY Motors, and with media partners Vybz945FM Lagos and Aforevo Event and Rhapsody, the event had a strong backing that contributed to its success.

D’Incredible DJ proved his mettle by delivering a performance that wowed the crowd. The event drew an enormous audience, creating an electrifying atmosphere that kept attendees on their feet throughout the night.

Stay tuned for another exciting episode of “A Night of Vybz with D’Incredible DJ” in the near future.

This event has set a new standard for entertainment and is sure to leave a lasting mark on the industry. Follow @D’incredibledj on IG.

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