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A review of ‘I Almost Forgot’ by Tony Ross |

His latest effort ‘I Almost Forget’, sees the veteran producer revisit his long walk to success as he offers insights into the challenges that inform the resilience that continues to shape his career.

It’s safe to say Tony Ross has experienced both sides of fame. He has had the spotlight beam on his work with Cynthia Morgan during a memorable run. He has also seen this work become material that feeds the nostalgia of listeners who occasionally take a trip back in time.


Amidst all this, Tony Ross continues to count his blessings and learn his lessons as he continues to make art from the heart.

A man who grew on on Hip Hop and Dancehall, Tony Ross returned to Hip Hop as he engaged in clear-headed introspection. On the 6 track EP, Tony Ross doesn’t sit behind the desk. He gets into the recording booth to lay bars, mold melodies, and guide a crop of emerging artists with whom he explores Afrobeats’ large soundscape.

The opening record sees PopeX share the tales of the rough walk to fame as a triumphant Jazz interlude announces a light at the end of the tunnel. Tony Ross goes back to the Hip Hop basic and slows it down as he speaks on self-love in the face of a life of struggle which started at the young age of 7. Tony Ross has experienced the tough life and he has also tasted the good life. This allows him to maintain a positive spirit which he aims to share with others whom life might have dealt a bad hand.

He partners with late rapper Rico Swavey who impresses on ‘Pot of Gold’ as they engage in the quintessential swaggering chest thumping.

Tony Ross strikes a balance of Hip Hop and Afropop with ‘Woman’ serving as a smooth blend of Dancehall and Afrobeats as Airklyn delivers a chorus that emphasises Rema’s influence on a new crop of artists.


He gives a nod to Amapiano’s soundscape shaping influence with ‘Lookin4luv’ feat Legendary Suni while ‘Freaky’ is a sensual slow burner.

Although there are times on the EP where Tony Ross’ cadences are exposed for their datedness, especially on the Pop tracks, it doesn’t constitute a vitiating factor. The contributions of emerging acts Airklyn and Legendary Suni bring some needed contemporary spark to the sound.

Overall, it’s a beautiful and encouraging sight to see a man who contributed to one of Afrobeats music’s most memorable runs keep pushing on in a vastly changed soundscape than he was used to.

Album Sequencing: 1.5/2

Songwriting, Themes, and Delivery: 1.3/2


Production: 1.3/2

Enjoyability and Satisfaction: 1.2/2

Execution: 1.3/2

TOTAL – 6.6

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