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Adejoke Popoola: Consolidating passion, a heart for people through music |

Her futuristic perspective as to the impact of value-driven melodious compositions on its hearers is why she remains a distinct voice in her generation. As a classic-contemporary singer and songwriter, Adejoke’s discography features songs that highlight the message of life, hope, and peace in all its fullness. A musical career spanning the last two decades testifies to her consistency and persistence in serving the mandate of meaningful music.

Through her work, Adejoke translates the core narrative of music in her formative years—the dearth of wholesome, inspirational music—into a relic of the past. Through her work at Gracious Hearts Music, a record label and musical talent development enterprise co-founded with her husband, Adejoke is actively building a stepping stone for the Nigerian and global music industry to experience talent across borders. Gracious Hearts Music, which has supported more than 40 rising gospel talents, with many others in the offing, continues to create an enabling atmosphere to help dreams thrive.


With several releases to her credit, Adejoke has secured a place for her name, and most importantly, the Truth of her message in the hearts of her listeners. But more importantly, by building a legacy for growing and future talents to express their unique giftings without compromise, she continues to chart a course for what the future of wholesome change and transformation through music would look like. She is an ardent believer in the combination of charity, care, and compassion, which sit at the core of making music that resonates beyond racial, cultural, religious, and all other social lines.

She sings and supports budding talent to produce songs that embody substance and sanctity in an era of humdrum music. By doing this, Adejoke is leveraging wholesome values and approaching people, places, and cultures to impact and influence for good while simultaneously leaving her mark. Key motifs in her musical career include spreading hope, finding comfort amidst challenges, inspiring people, and by extension enabling societal transformation. Adejoke’s soulful renditions have impacted thousands and more. Perhaps, her work and professional learning make this even more possible. With a master’s degree in International Events Management from the University of Surrey, she is trained and adept in the art of people-oriented service while emphasising the power of emotive experience in leaving a lasting essence. Her songs including “The Blood of Jesus”, “Lord Have Mercy”, and “The Name of the Lord”, all released in 2020, as well as “He’s Alive” (2021) and “Tell The World” (2023) point to the power of melodious notes to provide succor, strength, and support in times of unease.

She graced the stage at various international events including the UK Friends International Women Rendezvous, Women on Assignment, Christ Church Carol, University of Surrey Building an Entrepreneur Women’s Edition, Swindon Ladies’ Getaway, and many others. Most recently, her participation as a delegate to the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women (UN CSW 68) points to her dedication to contribute to the conversations that shape lived experiences and realities, in practicality. This posture stands as a testament to her resolve to see that not one life is left untouched when it comes to opening the possibilities that would resonate for generations to come.



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