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Davido calls 50 Cent his favourite artist growing up |

In behind-the-scenes footage of his recent appearance on Billboard X Honda, Davido was asked who was his favourite artist growing up and the Nigerian hitmaker chose one of America’s hip-hop icons.

Davido revealed he was a big hip-hop fan growing up and 2000s dominating rapper 50 Cent was his favourite.

“I was a big hip hop fan growing up, so I will say 50 Cent,” Davido said.


The influence of hip-hop on Davido’s artistry and lifestyle is evident in his collaborations with rappers and his love for flashy jewelry chains.

In the interview, the Grammy winner also restated that he will be dropping a new album in 2024 and he will also be hitting the road.

Davido is set to premiere a new song ‘Flex My Soul’ on the Billboard X Honda stage. He first teased the song in 2023 and the track is expected to make the cut for his next album.

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