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Davido will perform ‘Flex My Soul’ on Billboard X Honda Stage |

In the behind-the-scenes video of “Davido Welcomes All to His World of Music Honda Stage x Billboard” posted by Billboard, Davido talked about how he got into music and how Afrobeats now has the ears of the world.

According to the hitmaker, his first attraction to music started from the parties his mother used to host.

“My mom used to throw a lot of parties when I was young and from there, it can of like form into me loving music,” Davido said.


Davido kickstarted his career as a producer before making the switch to singing. And although he never saw himself becoming an artist he would become a music star with his debut single.

“In my head at that time I never think I would be in the forefront, be an artist. One day one of my cousins decided to release one my songs as me and when I move back to Nigeria I just took it on full time”.

Davido also shares his love for collaborations and how he loves to bring artists into his world.

” My first single was a collaboration so I love collaborating, especially like bringing them to my world,” Davido said referring to his first single ‘Back When’ featuring Naeto C which he also produced.

In the interview, Davido also talks about his single ‘Flex My Soul’ which he has previously teased. He hinted at a female guest appearance on the track which he seems set to perform on the Billboard Honda Stage.


Davido earlier previewed ‘Flex My Soul’ in 2023 ahead of the release of his record-breaking fourth album ‘Timeless’.

Davido also talked about the global rise of Afrobeats as he pointed out that while there is now access, the vibe and music have always been there.

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