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Dice Ailes calls out Sony Music for restricting his music |

During an interview with Hip TV, Dice Ailes disclosed that he and Sony Music mutually agreed to terminate his contract because it doesn’t seem feasible moving forward.

“Sometime last year we agreed to mutually terminate my contract because it reached a point where didn’t seem feasible to move forward based on the difference in the type of investment that my team was looking for and what they were offering,” Dice said about the termination.

After parting ways with Sony Music, the label was still restricting the use of his music on Instagram which led Dice Ailes to call them out during the interview.


“Now there’s new music out and we still have the restrictions that are affecting the flow of things, our marketing processes, and investment from my company, and I am just really tired,” Dice said on the continuous limitations of his song on Instagram.

Dice shared that these restrictions are limiting the way his fans can interact with his music and he had to inform his fans that he wasn’t responsible for the takedown.

After taking a hiatus from music, the award-winning artist has made a vibrant comeback with a new single titled ‘Dicey Baba’ on which he samples Fela Kuti’s 1986 record ‘Teacher Don’t Teach Me Nonsense’.

The single is one of the releases that will precede the arrival of Dice Aile‘s new project expected to be released later in the year.

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