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D’Prince’s Jonzing World unveils its new female Bagetti |

After rolling out four male artists in 5 years, Jonzing World is now set to unveil its first female signee Bagetti.

Before even being unveiled, Bagetti’s name and music already made waves around the industry. From media personalities to DJs, everyone who got a peek into her talent were instantly captivated by her refreshing sound and her potential to become one of the stars whose music will shape the future of Nigerian music.

While she is yet to drop her debut single, Bagetti’s music is already inspiring curiosity in listeners courtesy of disc jockeys like DJ Nana and DJ Dope Caesar who include her song in their sets.


The wait is set to be over as Jonzing World has unveiled its first-ever female artist on March 4, 2024, with her debut single ‘Hard Girl’ to follow on March 5. The single will showcase Bagetti‘s songwriting prowess, breathtaking genre-fusing, and superstar persona.

Listeners won’t have to wait long to get a comprehensive view of Bagetti’s talent as she will be dropping her debut EP on March 15 under Jonzing World in partnership with Virgin Music Group.

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