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Drake becomes Spotify’s most streamed artist across all credits |

In another landmark feat, the Grammy-winning Canadian hitmaker becomes the first artist to reach 95 billion streams across all credits on Spotify. This news was revealed in a post by the music chart platform Chart Data after Drake achieved the unprecedented feat of garnering over 95 billion Spotify streams on all the songs he has appeared on.

For over a decade, Drake has been one of the most streamed artists globally with his albums consistently charting at the top of the Billboard 200. In 2023, he tied Michael Jackson‘s record for the most NO. 1 song (13) by a solo male artist after his hit single ‘First Person Shooter’ feat J Cole reached the summit of the chart.


In 2015, 2016, and 2018, Drake was the most streamed artist on Spotify globally as he rubbed shoulders with other global streaming giants such as Ed Sheeran, Bad Bunny, and Taylor Swift.

In 2022, Drake was the third most streamed artist on Spotify and the fourth most streamed in 2023.

With over 84 million monthly listeners which is the third most globally and over 95 billion Drake has now surpassed Taylor Swift as the most streamed artist across all credits.

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