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HUNA set to disrupt the industry with a mash new single titled ‘MANIA’ |

The Taraba state native, raised from the bustling neighborhoods of Warri, Delta state, Nigeria, HUNA has not only drawn inspiration from his rich cultural heritage but has also set his sights on becoming a global voice for Afro-Pop music.


HUNA’s journey into the heart of the Nigerian music scene began with his debut single in 2022 titled “Ma Lady”, a track that introduced his unique sound to the industry and garnered an impressive response from listeners across. “Ma Lady” was not just a song; it was a statement, showcasing HUNA’s ability to blend infectious rhythms with soulful melodies, all while delivering thought-provoking lyrics.

Following the responce of “Ma Lady”, HUNA took a strategic hiatus to channel his energies into an ambitious project, an upcoming EP titled “HUNA’S DIARY”. This project promises to be a mosaic of his experiences, dreams, and the vibrant energy that defines him as an artist. As a precursor to this highly anticipated EP, HUNA is now ready to tease the audience with a snippet of what’s to come through his new single “MANIA”.

“MANIA” delves into HUNA’s introspective journey, exploring his relentless pursuit of his musical career amidst the distractions posed by the beauty that surrounds him. It’s a song that mirrors the artist’s intense desire to stay focused on the grind, making sacrifices and staying true to his vision for success. This new single is set to showcase a different dimension of HUNA’s talent and musical prowess, offering listeners a glimpse into his capability to evolve and adapt, further cementing his position in the industry.


Beyond the infectious beat and the compelling lyrics, “MANIA” is a reflection of HUNA’s growth as an artist and his unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries. With this track, HUNA not only aims to entertain but also to inspire his audience to persevere in their pursuits, no matter the allure of distractions. It’s a powerful message wrapped in the vibrant energy and cultural richness that HUNA is known for.

As “MANIA” sets to hit the airwaves, the industry and fans alike should be on the edge of their seats, eager to experience the fresh sounds and innovative beats that HUNA is bringing to the table. If “Ma Lady” was an introduction to HUNA’s artistry, then “MANIA” is a bold declaration of his intent to disrupt the music industry and leave a legacy as one of the artists who carried the Afrobeats legacy into the future.


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