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Introducing Viv, a rising star with a voice that makes a lasting impact

Viv emerges as a fresh and vibrant talent ready to carve her niche in the world of music. Her voice is a captivating blend of depth and contemporary flair, creating an enchanting auditory experience for her listeners.

As a songwriter, Viv reflects her society through her lyrical content thus crafting relatable narratives. Her lyrics delve into life, love, inspiration, and self-discovery.

Viv’s style of music is influenced by classic songstresses to modern trailblazers such as Sade, Jordan Sparks, Omah Lay and others. Viv is set to be a refreshing and influential voice in the evolving landscape of contemporary music in Africa and beyond as she is set to drop her first single GRIND on 12 December 2023.

Follow her on social media @vivstaarr

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Alausa, Lagos , Nigeria


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