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Mardeee set to release highly anticipated single ‘AWAY’ on February 23 |

Toronto, January 27 – Brace yourselves for the sonic storm about to be unleashed by singer-songwriter Mardeee with the imminent release of his much-anticipated single, “Away,” scheduled to drop on February 23.

This musical gem not only signifies a watershed moment in Mardeee’s evolution but promises an enchanting experience, intertwining exceptional talent with an irresistible magnetic aura that’s bound to leave audiences spellbound.

As a trailblasing independent artist, Mardeee has etched his name in the music scene, drawing attention for infusing his creations with mesmerising vibes, infectious hooks, and soul-stirring melodies. The likes of “Company,” “WAYO,” “Gotta Let You Know,” and the adored “Come My Way” have showcased Mardeee’s prowess, making him a songwriter and artist with a universal appeal.


“Away” is set to be a resounding testament to Mardeee’s extraordinary artistry. The track weaves together catchy rhythms, stellar vocals, and poignant lyrics, creating an immersive auditory journey that beckons listeners to surrender to the rhythm. Mardeee’s unique ability to cast an inviting and enjoyable vibe over a diverse audience shines through, inviting one and all to step into Mardeee’s realm of unbridled musical expression.

In anticipation of the imminent release, Mardeee, with infectious excitement, shares, “Away” delves into the intricate dance of a relationship marked by peaks and valleys, where one partner constantly sidesteps addressing issues. Through raw vulnerability, Mardeee paints the poignant dynamics with a character named “Jenny,” baring his soul only to find his emotions dismissed. Recognising the labyrinth of love, Mardeee imparts advice to Jenny, urging her to confront challenges head-on to salvage what could be a profound connection.

With “Away,” Mardeee is poised to redefine the sonic landscape, captivating not just fans but the entire world. The record’s arrival on February 23 is destined to be a resounding success, forging an intimate emotional connection between Mardeee and a growing legion of fans, both existing and soon-to-be converts. Get ready to be swept away!



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