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Pulse Event Report: Davido makes a grand return as he gives fans a timeless experience

After performing his new album in New York, London, and on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Davido returns home to Lagos to give fans a much-awaited public performance.

For the first time in over a year, Davido took to the storied stage of Tafawa Balewa Square in Lagos Nigeria to deliver what he promised to be A Timeless Experience.

This is a review of the concert and an analysis of the good, the bad, and the ugly of the events that shaped the night.

The event which was slated to kick off at 2 PM didn’t see mass arrivals of fans until the evening period of 7 PM when music activities were expected to commence.

The influx of fans quickly overwhelmed the two mass ticketing stations which were divided between the NA MONEY ticket (20,000) and the CLASSIC and BADDEST PIT (50,000 and 100,000).

There was a lack of clarity on which entry point fans can get their pass as they were redirected from one stand to another. The sheer number of people wanting to get their tickets scanned was too much for the staff saddled with the task.

it was only a matter of time before the entire process grinds to a halt and the ensuing chaos at the Baddest Pit entry was taken advantage of by non-ticket holders who played a primary part in breaching the gate.

To avoid a stampede, the gate was thrown open and everyone was let in irrespective of their paying status was let in.

The crowd management was also very poor as ticket holders struggled to find their respective stands.

Many people with Classic and Baddest Pit tickets ended up in the mass section as they were not properly redirected to their stands. Perhaps, the only consolation was that they would have been standing either way as only VIPs had chairs.

Those who wanted to rest their feet had to rent plastic chairs at exorbitant concert rates and these chairs wouldn’t have fit into the small already filled Classic and Baddest Pit sections.

The parking system was primarily controlled by street urchins who offered their protective services at an exorbitant price. The car park space was grossly insufficient to serve the automobiles present and concert goers and trouble parking and double the trouble driving out.

The music performances started at 8 as the crowd was warmed up by a collection of emerging artists. The lineup was a mish-mash that saw some artists raise the mood while others were largely uninspiring.

As promised by Davido in the press conference, TBS was well guarded by military, police, paramilitary, and private security officers.

There was adequate security positioned at strategic places which curtailed any form of thuggery and disruption while also making concertgoers feel safe.

The stage was exquisitely set up in a grand way to match the event’s grandness. The lighting, invisible screens, sounds, and the long walking area created a beautiful sight that elevated the concert experience.

The night delivered some amazing performances from the upcoming artists, DJs, guest artists, and Davido.

The hosts Kie Kie and Mr. Macaroni did their part in warming up the crowd and creating an interactive atmosphere between the stage and the audience.

The event had performances from Tion Wayne, S1mba, Iyanya, Odumodu Blvck, Mayorkun, Perruzi, Pheelz, Khaid, Skiibi, and more.

Notably amongst the performances were Maze X Mxtreme who delivered a breathtaking signature blend of Afrobeats and EDM. Their mixing of Pop Smoke‘s ‘Dior’ with songs from Michael Jackson and Labgaja will linger in the memories of those present.

Davido assisted by The Composers also delivered a 2-hour-long breathtaking performance that’s one of the finest in the history of Afrobeats.

Davido dazzled fans who heartily sang along to his classic songs and songs from his new album. He displayed an incredible connection with the crowd in what was a symbiotic transmission of energy which radiated the atmosphere and elevated the experience and inspired a spirit of camaraderie between strangers.

Fans will not forget in a hurry the solo sax performance for ‘Jowo’ nor his performance with Asake which was a beautiful sight of two hitmakers giving the fans a rare show.

Even when he pauses to give the band a breather, fans roared his name and chanted his moniker (OBO). And at that moment, it was clear to see how his fans are emotionally tethered to him. A connection that inspired them to host a huge concert in his honour. A connection that showed that his joy is their joy and his pain is their pain.

Davido’s synergy with the band, his stage presence, his passion and energy, his interaction with his fans, and the ease with which he connected with the guest artists was beautiful to watch and it gave fans a truly timeless experience. An experience that will linger in the memory.

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