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Raffeal returns with emotive love-spinner, ‘Let You Go’

single dubbed, “Let You Go.” Scheduled for release March 24, “Let You Go” is

Raffeal’s coming-of-age moment where everyone finally gets an intimate chance to

experience his alluring musical prowess.

Produced by Cyrillicbeatz, the song is a mid-tempo Afro-pop bop that sees Raffeal

delve into his storyteller mode sharing a tale of love and heartbreak, which he claims

was inspired from true life events.

“It was not my own heart break, but this song was inspired from an experience of one

of my homeboys. He got his heart broken, and he kept saying he can’t let her go. So, I

started writing a song from his perspective and decided why he wouldn’t let her go

and turned it into a song,” he says.

With its sped-up snippet already making the rounds on TikTok and Instagram, “Let

You Go” is that record that is set to sail across charts across in markets, with the song

thriving for its shock and replay value.

Commenting further on his career, Raffeal retraces his steps down memory lane,

telling us that, “I fell in love with music at the age 12 when I started playing the piano

in Nigeria and started playing for my choir over here in America, but I didn’t start

recording this style of music that we know today called Afrobeats till early 2021 and I

honestly believe I just started getting better at it.”

The 22-year-old maverick also noted that his goal is to continue to make timeless

music, irrespective of trends and public sentiment.

“My music will continue to be about love. I dislike violent or aggressive music. I am

put off by all that extra loud noise. Music should be sweet, pure, calm and pleasing to

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