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Rising stars Kold AF & Aema release new EP ‘No Pity’ |

The 2-pack EP called ‘No PITY’ was released on March 8, to mark the 2024 International Women’s Day.

The first track ‘Everyday (I DEY PRAY)’ has both girls speaking into the future about the great things they seek to accomplish but it also touches on how their grand visions can be sometimes blurred by the struggles faced by young women all over the world.

The second track ‘No Pity,’ is a no-nonsense anthem about survivors who fight back against sexual violence.


Both songs capture the socioeconomic injustice that continues to confront women in society. The tracks pack daring productions that combine dancehall, R&B, and soul elements as Kold AF and Aema flaunt their talents while pushing the sonic boundaries of Nigerian mainstream music.

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