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Rozay Records label launches its operation in Lagos |

The Record label envisions music as a yardstick for African culture uplift which through its power of transcending beyond borders conveys global relationships and adaption of cultural diversity.

To achieve its aim of global reach and culture uplift, the label is committed to discovering, nurturing, and promoting musical talent across all genres, most especially in Afrobeats space.

According to the CEO of record label, Emmanuel Ovuasa, creating an environment where artists can thrive, and deliver spontaneously will promote the rich cultural heritage and diversity of Africa. “Through dedication and collaboration, we are committed to enriching lives through the power of music and reshaping global perceptions of African music and culture,” he said.


He further stated that Rozay Records seeks to establish a strong foothold in Lagos and the UK while actively pursuing international markets. Solely to foster a deep connection between artists and their global audience, ensuring the globalisation of African music and culture.

By achieving these objectives, the label signed two new artist, Elvis Bamidele Gelemu, with stage name Elvis Gee and Grace Keneneth, with stage name Gracie, each bringing a unique blend of creativity, passion, and innovation to the music industry.

“Rozay Records is not only a label but a forward thinking cultural ambassador, dedicated to shaping the global perception of African music and culture,” he stated.


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