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Simi blasts critics for asking her to switch up her sound |

In a new development, the singer took to her X (formally Twitter) account to blast fans who keep asking her to switch up her sound.

Following the release of her first single of 2024, ‘All I Want’ which carried similar cadences of her jolly singing of light-hearted lyrics, some fans described the song as repetitive while asking her to switch it up.


A displeased Simi went on X to make it clear that she had no intention to switch up her sound and those who don’t enjoy her music should kind of listen to someone else.

Simi described the claims of her songs being repetitive as unfounded while stating that her last 10 singles have all been different.

“Omo because I’m doing girl next door, some of you think maybe I’m ok like that. If you don’t like my song, please go and listen to your faves. I’m begging. If it’s the features you want to allow yourself to acknowledge my talent, hear that one and be going.”

Simi tagged the calls for her to switch up her sound as uninspired, unbacked, and tired.

“I did not force anybody oh Small one that I’ve said now, they’ll say “not everybody will like you” but me I know. Me sef I no like everybody. But I’m not gonna lie – uninspired, unbacked, tired feedback like “switch up your sound” irritate the fuck out of me. Meanwhile the last fucking song you’ve heard from me is Joromi.”


Simi who is one of the most famous female musicians in Nigeria also used the medium to comment on the constant praise she gets as a featured artist while her solo efforts are constantly being underappreciated and criticised.

“Then you wait for your idolo on twitter to start a thread about how my verses are fire (on someone else’s song) before you respect me. I’m not dragging best with anybody. I make music because I fucking love it.”

“Na the same ballad Adele dey sing all these days, her people no disturb am. E fi mi sile. If you don’t like what I’m selling, go and listen to the one you like. Unless you don’t have data. And if you don’t have, owo e lo wa ku si.”

Ultimately, Simi reminded listeners that Grammy-winning British singer Adele has been singing Ballads for over a decade no one asked her to switch it up so she should also be left alone.

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