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Singing sensation Guchi returns with new single, ‘Relate’

Date of Release: March 3rd, 2023

Producer: Chech Da Producer

Length: 2 minute 48 seconds

Label: PG Records Entertainment

Details/Takeaway: Guchi draws her fans closer to her emotionally complex world with each song. Top picks from her catalogue, including her sophomore project ‘Purple Diary’ have listeners experiencing her exciting, yet dangerous depths of passion.

In a sense, ‘Relate’ resonates both on an individual and a collective level. With this release coinciding with one of the biggest moments in the political history of her home country, Nigeria, Guchi’s plea for divine intervention is no different than that of 200 Million+ Nigerians.

‘Relate’ sees us witnessing the fragile musings of a bothered mind. Over Chech Da Producer‘s subtle but groovy instrumentation, Guchi gets honest about the intensity that comes with an active music career. As the music business booms with more ambition, the demands from the talent grows higher, leading to many mishaps, from burnouts to serious cases of psychosis. With this sonorous earworm, Guchi warns of this plague through her personal outlook.

Despite the struggle, Guchi refuses defeat. Having shared the problem in the first quarter of the song, she gives the blueprint of a solution. She’s determined to give her best and set firm boundaries unapologetically while seeking divine direction to make the right choices. The importance of a solid support system is reiterated as the track acknowledges the power of a praying parent. In Guchi’s case, her mother’s reassurance is one of the oases she draws and renews her strength from.

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