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Spotify celebrates Davido’s ‘Timeless’ with Lagos Pop-up experience

As part of the celebration for the album release, Spotify hosted a Pop up party that featured art installations chronicling Davido’s career and putting the new album in context, while also giving fans room to express their love for the artist. With music policy determined by a slew of talented DJs, fans also jammed along to their favourite tracks off Timeless. Away in the US on promotional duties, Davido sent a video message thanking fans for their support and the amazing reception Timeless enjoyed upon release.

After much anticipation, Davido’s new studio album,Timeless‘, was released on global streaming platform Spotify on Friday, March 31, beginning a new chapter for the already-established Afrobeats star.

The pop-up also showcased a merch collaboration with Nigerian urban streetwear brand, Severe Nature who unveiled specially designed Timeless merch ranging from tees to hats. In attendance was a who’s who of the Nigerian music industry including music executives.

Supported by a sterling cast of producers, songwriters and guest features as well as two new signees to his label in singers, Morravey and Logos Olori, Timeless is Davido’s testament to new beginnings and the power of community.

In the Twitter post announcing the album, Davido says, “I recall sitting & staring over the ocean not too long ago, wondering if I could get here again, after all I’ve been through… but with your love and support, we made it.”

The new release has been celebrated by fans and artists alike, with many appreciating Davido’s ability to find cohesion within a body of work that plays host to diverse collaborators.

To herald ‘Timeless’, Spotify hosted the Timeless Afro playlist, a collection of his favourite African classics, as curated by Davido. The streaming platform also released a trailer revealing the album’s tracklist, while putting Davido’s new release in context as a media moment.

Spotify also promoted ‘Timeless’ on a billboard in New York’s Times Square, announcing the album to international audiences in one of the world’s most iconic public spaces.

Data from Spotify shows that Davido is one of Afrobeats’ biggest exports. While undoubtedly adored at home, the United States is the single largest market for Davido’s music, with the vast majority of his plays coming from outside Africa. The United Kingdom, Nigeria, Canada and France round out the top 5 countries where his music is streamed.

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