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Victor AD releases debut album ‘Realness Over Hype’ |

After two successful EPs, Victor AD now unveils his highly anticipated debut album, aptly titled ‘Realness Over Hype.’

The album’s inception dates back to 2016 when he envisioned this as the perfect moniker for his debut work. His self-belief echoes loudly; he had already made a mark with 2Baba’s ‘See God’ a decade before recording alongside him and Bella Shmurda‘s ‘Eye Clear’, three years before sharing an open verse.

‘Realness Over Hype’ invites listeners on an introspective journey. Through raw storytelling and poetic lyricism, He delves into the peaks and valleys of his personal and artistic evolution. His narrative embodies grit, ambition, and relentless pursuit. Beneath the glittering facade of the music industry lies a tale of struggles faced by artists.


The allure of success often clashes with the simmering envy lurking beneath the surface. It’s a universal tale—an exploration of how ambition can both elevate and isolate.

He explores love as a double-edged sword, the lyrics unmask the contradiction: the same person who brings immense happiness can also inflict deep wounds. Whether it’s a fleeting affair or a lifelong commitment, the album resonates with human emotions and vulnerability.

Amidst the glitz and glamour, Victor AD remains grounded. He understands that success transcends accolades; it’s about cherishing life’s basics – Love, gratitude, and the warmth of a home-cooked meal, the laughter shared with friends, and the comfort of genuine connections.

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